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Delivery Model

Curriculum Purpose:

To provide our pupils and students with the skills to live as independently as possible in an ever changing world, to be:

  • Successful Learners
  • Confident Individuals
  • Responsible Citizens
Curriculum Content:

To be successful our children need to feel safe and build trusting relationships. Only when we enable this will our children be able to engage in learning activities and develop the skills necessary.

Our curriculum is based around 3 themes of safety:

  • Of self – the ability to self-regulate and manage own emotions and so engage in learning experiences
  • For self – the ability to be independent and autonomous (do things not only by yourself but for yourself)
  • With others – the ability to manage and develop positive relationships

These 3 themes ultimately lead to the 4 outcomes for Preparation for Adulthood:

  • Employment
  • Independent Living
  • Community Inclusion
  • Health