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The Governors of Daventry Hill School play a key role in challenging and supporting the school leadership. 

If you are interested in becoming a governor, please contact the school office.

The Local Governing Board of Daventry Hill

School is as follows:

Ian McAllister - Chair of Governors 

Ian has been described by Ofsted as a "visionary" in the education of young people with SEND. With over fifty years experience in education, he has had three successful headships.

His last school was rated by the DfE as in the top one hundred performing schools nationally for pupil progress, as well as being repeatedly judged outstanding by Ofsted.

He became a lead inspector at Ofsted's inception in 1993 and continued in various roles until he retired from UK inspections in 2019. He served for a number of years as the County Adviser to a large shire authority.

Prior to the Covid restrictions, Ian still worked in the UK and abroad as an independent consultant and SIP, specialising in supporting organisational management and change in schools. He has experience as Chair of Governors for a Northamptonshire Community Primary School, and he has also served as a governor for both a local secondary academy and a local primary academy.

Date of appointment: 1st October 2022

Date Term Of Office ends: 30th September 2026

Appointing Body: LGB Appointed

James How - Vice Chair - Governor 

I am a local parent governor with a real passion for making a difference and ensuring the local children have access to the best education, driving the best outcomes to support their future needs.

Living within the town, I am married with 3 children. My son attends Daventry Hill School, which has been such a massive part of his development and growing up. I work as a Director for a National Builders Merchant, with 30 years experience in operations, sales, and latterly, IT/Digital. In my spare time, I also coach at Daventry Town Football Club.

Date of appointment: 1st October 2022

Date Term Of Office ends: 30th September 2026

Appointing Body: LGB Appointed

Simon Merriman - Governor 

Date of appointment: 1st October 2022

Date Term Of Office ends: 30th September 2026

Appointing Body: LGB Appointed

Neil Robertson - Governor 

Date of appointment: 16th September 2020

Date Term of Office ends: 15th September 2024

Appointing body: LGB 

Kelly Giles - Governor 

I am a Secondary School Teacher with 17 years of experience working with young people, and a mum to a 5-year-old son with significant additional needs. 

Going into teaching straight from university, I very quickly learnt that education is not one thing, it’s a million things. It is diverse and ever-changing, and it really isn’t a case of “one size fits all” - every single child is different, and I believe this has to be recognised and considered.  I am passionate about learning and ensuring our children have access to all the tools they need to succeed in life. Daventry Hill School has a fantastic team of enthusiastic, driven and inspirational staff. The school is on an exciting journey that I am thrilled to be a part of.

Date of appointment: 2nd December 2021

Date Term of Office ends: 1st December 2025

Appointing body: LGB Appointed

Claire Hunter - Associate Governor 

I’ve been a Parent Governor at Daventry Hill School since November 2021 and am really enjoying it. 

My son has attended Daventry Hill since he was in Reception and I have nothing but praise for all the wonderful staff that work here.  They all go above and beyond for the children, and have created a wonderful and enriching learning environment.  I currently work for the NHS, but previous to this I worked for the Department of Work and Pensions.  I am the lead Governor for Early Years and also share the role of Employability Governor.  My background working in job-centres over the years has given me experience first hand of the challenges and stigmas that people with disabilities face when they leave school, and I am hoping to change that.

Date of appointment: 2nd December 2021

Date Term of Office ends: 1st December 2025

Appointing body: Uncontested Appointment 

Anna Elllis- Staff Governor 

Date of appointment: 13th July 2023

Date Term of Office ends: 12th July 2027

Appointing body: Uncontested appointment

Stephanie Mahoney - Parent Governor 

I am a qualified Social Worker with 15 years of experience in the safeguarding team and a mum to two children, one of whom attended Daventry Hill School.  I am passionate that all children’s needs should be met and especially for those who struggle to have their voice heard. I am fully aware that every child is different and has their own individual needs and goals and, where possible, I would like to help in the process for these children to reach their full potential.  I am really looking forward to my new role as a parent governor and will do my best for the children of this school.

    Date of appointment: 21st October 2022

    Date Term of Office ends: 20th October 2026

    Appointing body: Parent elected

Anna Browning - Staff Governor

    Date of appointment: 26th January 2024

    Date Term of Office ends: 25th January 2028

    Appointing body: Uncontested appointment