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The governing board of Daventry Hill School is currently in transition, and is being reconstituted in February 2019. 

The current chair is Ian McAllister - contact via the school office.

Other governors are Simon Merriman, Peter Thewlis and James How.

The school’s governing board is a committee of the main Board of the Creating Tomorrow Multi Academy Trust. 

The Members and Trustees of the Multi Academy Trust are listed below:

Name Designation
Kevin Latham CEO/Trustee
Jeannette Payne Trustee (Chair)
Jane Boyt Trustee (Vice-Chair)
Ann Botterill Trustee
Andrew Bailey Trustee
Peter Maddison Trustee
Linda Saunders Trustee
Trevor McHugh Trustee
Pat Collarbone Member
Jayne Stallard Member
Stuart Welch Member

Any concerns or comments can be raised with the Chair of Trustees,
Jeanette Payne
or via the School Office 01327 703135