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How do we evaluate the effectiveness of the support given to your child?

  • Provision for individuals with an Education Health and Care Plan is evaluated in partnership with parents and other professionals at Annual Reviews. Recommendations are made and implemented by the school. The school may put in place interim (mid-year) reviews if we are concerned that the provision is not meeting your child’s needs. If a parent is concerned about the provision for their child they are able to request an interim review.
  • The leadership team, informed by student progress meetings, make decisions about suitable and appropriate interventions and resources deployed to ensure accelerated learning to close the gap.
  • Intervention programmes are regularly reviewed by the leadership team to ensure that the programme is appropriate for your child and learning is improving.
  • The leadership team monitor effectiveness of interventions through observations of individuals, whole class teaching and any group or individual intervention work.
  • Termly reviews take place to ensure that all students are making good progress.