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How do we identify children who require additional support, and who do I contact if I have concerns?

There are regular meetings between the Class Teacher, Phase Leader and Assistant Headteacher to discuss progress and identify students not making progress and/or discuss concerns about learning.

If you have any concerns, or if through our progress meetings we have identified a concern that cannot be overcome through our universal provision, then the school will set up a meeting with the class teacher and a member of the leadership team, in the first instance the Phase Leader or a member of the senior leadership team (Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher or Assistant Headteacher) as necessary, to:

  • Listen to any concerns you may have.
  • Share our concerns.
  • Plan any additional support your child may need.
  • Discuss with you any referrals to outside professionals.

The leadership team will provide support for your child by regularly discussing your child’s needs with the class teacher. They will provide support for you and keep you fully informed of any referrals made to professionals and the outcome of those referrals.