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ICT & Digital Literacy

At Daventry Hill School, ICT and Digital Literacy are planned to develop the experiences and understanding of students as they progress through the phases.
  • Within Foundations for Learning, the focus is on experiencing a variety of digital technologies and using them to experience cause and effect.
  • Within Learning to be Me, students are introduced to a selection of software packages and acquire basic ICT skills.
  • At My Place in the World the focus is then on digital literacy and students follow the Prince's Trust unit on Digital Skills. Functional ICT is taught within Skills for Life, where students can apply the skills acquired further down the school to real life and work towards a Functional Skills accreditation.
  • This focus on functional ICT continues into Foundations for the Future, where students use ICT for job searches and applications, health and to research leisure opportunities and travel.

Students at Daventry Hill School have access to a number of different digital platforms. These are used mainly by our secondary students.  The digital platforms allow students to independently develop skills in and outside of school. The platforms incorporate employability and ICT skills. Some areas covered include: Learning how to protect and fortify a website to keep it safe from hackers, understanding GDPR, being a good digital citizen, and learning how to manage the issues and the ethics of the digital world are vital skills everybody needs.

Throughout school, students are taught how to be safe when interacting with technologies, in particular how to be safe when online. This is delivered through ICT lessons but also within PSHE and the Preparation for Adulthood curriculum.