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Learning To Be Me (KS2)

My journey to explore what it means to be me.

Building upon the skills learnt in Foundations for Learning, students in Key Stage 2 develop their learning skills by focusing on what it means to be me. This begins with personalised learning targets to meet student-specific needs and abilities.

The individual needs of our students mean that it is crucial that students are able to learn in a way that helps them make sense of the world around them. They need support to make links between different areas of their learning in order to generalise their learning and make progress. Therefore, in KS2 we aim to provide an inspiring curriculum which prepares students for a successful adult life, meaningful relationships and rewarding community inclusion. These principles focus our curriculum around learning to be me.

English lessons follow the Talk for Writing ethos, which immerses our students in the language of high quality texts. Giving them an opportunity to learn texts and language features before creating their own versions. Our texts also link to our termly topic themes, which develops cross-curricular links, but also our multisensory teaching style. We teach maths using Rising Stars to show a clear progression of each student’s learning journey.  We follow the Read Write Inc. programme for phonics, which develops a love of reading in all children and confidence in phonic sounds. Students then access reading books, which match the Read Write Inc. scheme. Our more advanced readers will complete Read Write Inc. storybook and comprehension lessons.

Across the phase, children follow the Skills Builder and Preparation for Adulthood frameworks, which focus on important skills they will need to be happy, successful adults.

Our Intent

To build on the student’s sense of self and refine their chosen form of communication that has been acquired in Foundations for Learning. To give them a variety of learning experiences to allow them to explore their talents, abilities and preferences.

Our implementation

In Learning to be Me we plan learning opportunities using a skills-based Preparation for Adulthood framework alongside core subjects taught in themes. Students are given a wider number of opportunities to develop knowledge and understanding about themselves.

Zones of Regulation are built upon within this phase to allow students to label more emotions and begin to apply them to real life situations and learn personal regulation strategies with adult support.

The Impact

Students are able to communicate effectively, allowing them to begin to develop positive relationships and make informed choices. They will have a better understanding of themselves, talents, abilities and preferences, so they can better prepare for success in the next stage of education and life.