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My Place In The World (KS3)

To understand my place in the world.

In My Place in the World, the curriculum develops knowledge of the world around us and a student's understanding of how they fit within this.

We continue to develop skills that will allow all children personal success in society, which includes an understanding of their emotions and how to manage these effectively. 

Our Intent

To build upon the skills acquired in Learning to be Me and develop the student’s understanding of the world around them, including the world of employment, and the role they play within that.

Our implementation

In My Place in the World, students are given learning opportunities to develop literacy, numeracy and communication skills alongside lessons linked to a Preparation for Adulthood framework. There is a greater focus on friends, Relationships and Community Inclusion to allow them to understand the world around them and how they fit into this, including the ability to communicate with people outside the school community. Students explore the impact that they have on others and the world around them.

Zones of Regulation continue to be used to allow students to name an increasing number of emotions and further develop a bank of emotional regulation strategies that can be applied in different situations and settings.

The Impact

Students will have an appropriate bank of strategies to help regulate their emotions. They will have developed an understanding of the world outside of school, their impact on society and the methods of communication with those outside the school community.