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Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy (OT) at Daventry Hill School offers an assessment and advisory service to those pupils who have OT on their EHCP.

The assessment that the OT carries out focusses on identifying appropriate strategies, support and equipment to help the pupil access all areas of the curriculum.

Assessment may include the use of standardised and non-standardised tests, information gathering from parents, teachers and others involved in the student’s life.  Following the assessment, a report is produced that includes recommendations which can be carried out mainly at school or at home.

The OT works closely with the teaching staff to develop appropriate strategies to enable the students to optimise their potential when carrying out activities of daily living in this way, the student can feel a sense of achievement and control over their environment.

Any intervention recommended is provided through treatment programmes carried out by school staff, equipment recommendations and adaptations to school.

OT at Daventry Hill School covers the following areas;

  • Self-care and independent living skills
  • Gross motor and movement ability
  • Fine motor skills and the ability to use the hands to manipulate objects (handwriting, using scissors, knife/fork etc.)
  • Sensory processing skills
  • Assistive and adaptive equipment
  • Switch use
  • Upper limb splinting
  • Specialist seating equipment