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Parent & Carer

We hope this will be a very happy period in your child’s life.

Here is most of the useful information you will need about school life.

If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school directly.


We expect all pupils to aspire to achieving 100% attendance; statistics clearly show that students who attend school regularly make the most progress and therefore significantly increase their life chance.

  • We would ask that your respect our school hours by ensuring that your child arrives on time for the 8:55am start. (Adjustments have been made to this during the Covid19 pandemic to minimise traffic flow)
    • Morning registration is 9:00am — Pupils arriving after this time will be marked as late. 
  • Afternoon registration is at 1:05pm
  • The school day ends at 3:00pm.  Early collection is positively discouraged as it disrupts your child’s learning and the learning of others. Parents should not wait in the school reception area if they arrive early, but should wait outside until your child is brought to you.
  • If your child is going to be absent, please contact the school on 01327 703135 by 8:00am every day that your child is absent.
  • Every effort must be made to ensure medical and dental appointments are made outside school hours, but we acknowledge that this is not always possible.
  • Any absence must be followed up in writing to explain the reason for absence.  When appropriate, the school will request proof of ill-health (e.g. a letter from the hospital, a GP appointment card).
  • If no reason has been provided for a period of absence, or the reason is deemed to be invalid, the pupil’s absence will be recorded as unauthorised for that period.

The law states that any pupil becomes a persistent absentee when they miss 10% or more schooling for whatever reason.  If the pupil’s attendance record shows that either he/she has become a persistent absentee or is at risk of missing at least 10% of schooling, then the parents/carers will be informed and a meeting will be arranged in order to resolve any issues.

  • Persistent lateness is also a cause for concern and meetings will be arranged for parents/carers of pupils who develop a pattern of arriving to school late.
  • Any requests for holidays to be taken during term time will not be authorised.
  • Should pupils require time off for religious observance, the school will authorise one day of absence per academic year.

Thank you for your support, and we look forward to working with you this academic year.


We provide snack each day for all the children and ask for a contribution of £1 per week from parents/carers to help cover the cost.

  • A variety of fruit is available as well as toast and crackers.
  • For some older students, a substitution for a hot drink may be available.

Payment should be made through ParentPay.

More information about ParentPay can be found here: ParentPay


We offer a selection of meals at lunchtime, all prepared on site by our caterers, Taylor Shaw.    

  • Payment should be made through ParentPay.
  • Orders should be placed on ParentPay by Wednesday of the week before to enable ordering.

More information about ParentPay can be found here: ParentPay

Universal Infant Free School Meals and Free School Meals 

Please see the recent publication from Northamptonshire County Council within your Welcome Pack.

  • Please note: you will need to place orders for meals through ParentPay, but no payment will be required.

More information about ParentPay can be found here: ParentPay

More information about Free School Meals can be found here: Free School Meals

School Milk 

School Milk is available free of charge for pupils under the age of 5; however, it can be ordered and paid for in respect of any student in school.


Find more information about School Milk here or contact the School Office.

Community Café 

Our café is open:


10:00am — 2:00pm

For the sale of snacks, light meals and other refreshments.

Whilst the café is open to the community, students are not allowed in there during the day.

Please see the flyer in your Welcome Pack.

Access to School — Car Parking 
  • For the general safety of all students, parental parking in the school car park is not allowed.
  • If you are dropping your child off, you should join the taxi queue:
    • In the morning a member of staff will come and assist with taking your child into school
    • In the evening please remain in your car and your child will be called for you.
  • Please be aware that the speed limit within the school grounds is 5mph for the safety of our students.
  • There is free public car parking located on Ashby Road, at the Phoenix Centre, or alternatively a car park on Chaucer Way. 
  • Due to the allergies of some of our students and also with the health and safety of all our students in mind, other than our own class pets and assistance/service animals, we have a strict no pets on site policy.
  • If you bring your dog to school to collect your child or drop them off in the morning, please make sure they are left in your car or at the school gates. 

Your co-operation is much appreciated.

Emergency Contact  

Please keep this information up to date throughout your child’s time at Daventry Hill School.

  • It is essential so that we always know how to get in touch with you.
  • Please notify the school of any changes.

An Emergency Contact form can be found below.

Medical Information Sheet  
  • We have a dedicated Medical and Welfare Assistant in school.
  • This information will help them take the best care of your child.
  • Please notify the school of any changes.

A Medication in School Consent Form can be found below.

Consent Forms 
  • We may ask for your consent for a number of school activities; both in school and off site — further information will be provided prior to most specific activities and trips.
  • We will also for your consent to take photographs of your child in school. Photographs may be used in a number of ways, and we will ask for your agreement for those you are happy with.



We look forward to welcoming you to our school.