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Pastoral Mentors


Hello!  I'm Jenny, and I'm a Pastoral Mentor at Daventry Hill School.

My role in school is to provide support to all students who are struggling to engage with learning due to social, emotional or mental health issues.

Support may begin following a particular incident, or as a planned intervention over time — for instance become a trusted adult for a student to talk to once a week.

My main role is to ensure our students are happy, safe and can understand and manage their emotions — meaning they are in the right place to learn.

I can work individually with a student, or as part of a group - each student’s intervention is personalised to suit them and their needs.

My work can include –

  • Teaching emotions are & how to recognise them
  • Managing emotions (e.g. angry is okay as long as I have strategies to manage it)
  • Nurture support
  • Nurture provision at lunchtime via board games club
  • Support following trauma or loss
  • Support with different social situations e.g. how do I respond in specific situations
  • Support with building and sustaining friendships
  • Support around community — who is safe to talk to (e.g. Policeman)
  • Support development of self awareness — learning who they are, and who they want to be
  • Mental health support
  • Relationship advice and support
  • Hygiene advice and support
  • Internet safety