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Personal Statement from Careers Lead

I am passionate about supporting our young people to ensure they have the right skills, knowledge and support ready for adulthood. The programme has been devised to provide a number of opportunities for young people to put into practice the skills they are learning within school out into the community. We are keen to work with local people, schools and organisations collaboratively to help support not only our young people but the local community.

For our young people who desire for employment, we will be working with local employers, to prepare for this next stage.

I will continuously be working towards ensuring that  Daventry Hill School Gatsby Benchmarks by 2020 in accordance with the Department of Education’s statutory guidance January 2018.

I will be involved in the planning, implementing and quality assuring of our careers programme for Daventry Hill School; managing the delivery of career guidance; networking with external partners, including employers and further education providers.

Individual student progress is assessed through Skills Builder, personalised to the needs of our students. Student and stalk holder feedback will be a fundamental part of our Careers Programme; each encounters, topic or project will be followed by a feedback session on what went well and even better if for our students. Impact scores will be evidenced.

Stacey Drake

Careers Lead

Phone: 01327 703135