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Relationship Policy

At Daventry Hill School we believe that relationships are at the heart of all that we do. Therefore, we do not adopt a behaviour policy, we operate a Relationship Policy.

This policy aims to promote and embed Daventry Hill School’s Core Values:





We show Respect by:

Recognising the qualities and abilities of others

Caring for our own and others' property and space

Allowing others the space and time they need

Helping and supporting others

We achieve Resilience by:

Not giving up when things are difficult

Exploring our emotions

Learning from mistakes and keeping positive

Taking on new challenges and experiences

We embrace our community by:

Recognising diverse interests and attitudes

Building positive relationships and connecting with others

Celebrating all cultures, races and religions

We show Tolerance by:

Being mindful of others' ideas and opinions

Recognising we are different

Accepting change and negotiating difficulties

Appreciating others' behaviours and challenges

The core values define how we expect all staff and students to conduct themselves on a day-to-day basis and act as a guide to promote safe and positive behaviour. The core values are linked to the school’s reward system and are used alongside the principles of Protective Behaviours to promote safe behaviour.

We believe that all behaviour communicates a need. Our overall aim is to enable students to feel safe and ready to learn so that they can become successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens. We achieve this by having a very clear focus and understanding within school on the principles of Behaviour for Learning, which identifies a students':

  • Relationship with self
  • Relationship with others
  • Relationship with the curriculum