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Religious Education

At Daventry Hill School we have personalised our Religious Education curriculum to make it relevant and purposeful for each individual student.

Students first need to learn about themselves as individuals, who they are and what they value and believe, before they then look at others.

Religious education is split into the learning about religion and the learning from religion. Learning about religion is finding out about leaders, festivals, key dates, symbols, deities and teachings; whereas learning from religion is being able to reflect on the information and experiences and apply it to your own beliefs and values.

  • Within Foundations for Learning and Learning to be Me there is a focus on students being allowed to explore who they are, how they feel, what they like and dislike and to be able to communicate this. They are given the chance to visit places of religious significance and learn from religion through reflective practice.
  • Within My Place in the World and Skills for Life, students are given the opportunity to explore a wider range of world religions and reflect on how the morals, beliefs and teachings affect them and others.
  • For students in Foundations for the Future, learning opportunities are focused upon a range of religions, beliefs and views of life appropriate to the students and the selected curriculum content, having regard to prior learning and the value of both depth and breadth in studying religions.