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School Information

Daventry Hill School will ensure that your child’s school provides a learning environment that sees and values them as a unique individual.
  • We will provide teachers and support staff who know your child and can help them to achieve success and reach their potential.
  • We will make sure that your child does not fade into the background and become invisible, but is instead part of a group where their contribution will be valued and noticed.
  • We will provide your child with opportunities to explore a wide range of subjects outside traditional academic lessons, as well as experience the ‘world of work’ as appropriate.
  • We will use our experience to ensure that your child is confident and ready for the next stage in their education and ultimately onto further and higher education, training and employment opportunities.
  • We will make it our personal responsibility to provide guidance and support for your child, so that they can learn effectively and make wise decisions about their future as they grow towards adulthood.
  • We will help you to be as supportive as possible by communicating regularly, and by giving you easy access to as much information about your child’s education at school as we possibly can.