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Skills For Life (KS4)

To develop skills for my future.

 In Skills for Life students have the opportunity to develop the skills that they will need for their futures beyond Daventry Hill School. 

We continue to develop the personal skills that are a focus of the whole school curriculum and students are given more real life scenarios in which to apply them. They are taught life skills that will help them become more independent in the future such as household management, an understanding of personal finances and how to travel within the community safely and effectively. They also have an opportunity to develop their employment skills through a series of work related learning options that take place both within school and within the community. All of this is completed alongside accreditations that are appropriate to the individual such as Functional Skills qualifications in English, Maths and ICT, and Duke of Edinburgh awards. 

Our Intent

To build on skills acquired from My Place in the World and develop practical skills that can be applied in the future whether at work or home.

Our Implementation

The curriculum is planned to meet individual outcomes for the future within a Preparation for Adulthood framework. During this phase all students will attend a Person Centred Planning meeting with their families and our Careers and Employability Lead to discuss an aspirational and realistic outcome for their future. This will help shape their curriculum opportunities. Students are given opportunities for real life work experience within the school community and in external placements where they can apply the skills they have acquired throughout their school journey. There is now a greater emphasis on acquiring the key skills that students will need to be successful adults and be as independent as possible through the strands of Independent Living and Employability.

Our curriculum includes the opportunity to gain appropriate awards and accreditations including Functional Skills in English, Maths and ICT; Princes Trust Awards; Duke of Edinburgh; Level 2 Food and Hygiene; Personal Progress Units.

The Impact

Students will leave the phase with a personalised portfolio of achievements and a clear and ambitious pathway for their next steps. They will have acquired skills for living as independently as possible and have experienced a variety of work related opportunities.