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Staff Team

Senior Leadership Team  
Vicki Bond Interim Headteacher
Tracy McKay Deputy Headteacher
Hannah Caswell Assistant Headteacher (Primary)
Kelly Kerr Assistant Headteacher (Secondary)
Louise Worts Assistant Headteacher (Post 16 & Careers)
Andrew Bodily Operations Manager
Leadership Team  
Samantha Devenny Phase Leader (Primary)
Christie Powers Phase Leader (Secondary)

Jennifer Johnson 

Pastoral Manager
Primary Teaching Team  
Alicia Falcone Acorns Teacher (Foundations for Learning)
Jodie Hopkins Pine Teacher (Foundations for Learning)
Magda Karus Cedar Teacher (Foundations for Learning)
Natasha Day  Maple Class (Foundations for Learning)
Lauren Sheasby Sycamore Teacher (Learning to be Me)
Charlotte Moriarty  Birch Class (Learning to be Me)
Madeline Farr  Elm Teacher (Learning to be Me)
Sam Devenny 

Hawthorne Teacher (Learning to be Me)

Lianna Briggs  Oak Teacher (Learning to be Me)
Secondary Teaching Team  
Emma Danks  Garside Class (My Place in the World)
Gary Matthews Radcliffe Teacher (My Place in the World)
Shona Taylor Avery Teacher (My Place in the World)
Ashleigh Butcher  Meyer Teacher (My Place in the World)
Nicola Cartwright Miller Teacher (Skills for Life)
Anna Ellis Pearson Teacher (Skills for Life)
Christie Powers Simmonds Teacher (Skills for Life)
Carolann Petrie Baker Teacher (Skills for Life)
Sophie Righton Ingram Teacher (Skills for Life)
Rebecca Thompson  Post 16 Teacher (Foundations for the Future)
Bev Staniforth  Pathway 3/4 (Foundations for the Future)
Dannielle Phillips  Job Coach (Foundations for the Future)
Jody Baverstock  Job Coach (Foundations for the Future)
Pastoral Team   
Anna Browning  Safeguarding Officer 
Heather Witherington Family Support 
Kat Smith  Medical and Welfare 
Joanne Robson  Physical Therapy Assistant 
Hannah Taylor  SALT Assistant 
Emily Wright  Pastoral Mentor