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Student Voice

Cummins Event Day - Lego Mindstorm Workshop
Cummins Technical Centre staff visited on 17th April to deliver an engaging and exciting workshop involving robots made from Lego.

Students were tasked with three different activities that involved applying mathematical and problem-solving skills alongside collaboration and teamwork. Student feedback gathered from the day demonstrates just how exciting and fun this interactive workshop from Cummins was. A massive thank you to Emma Civil and her colleagues for generously sharing their time, knowledge and skills. We can’t wait to welcome you back!

Group of students

"The best thing about the workshop was the coding" (BH)

"I liked learning all about Cummins and what products they make" (LH)

"I liked working with new people and sharing ideas" (GC)

"It was so cool working together to make the Robots work" (CL)

"Seeing the robots was amazing. I loved meeting the team" (IG)

"We had to code the robot to control them" (KR)

"I loved learning how to program" (JM)

"The activities were challenging" (JC)

"Learning about Cummins was really interesting" (HH)